The concept for the center and its initiatives are established following a resolution in Addis Ababa which provided for the Action Plan and Way Forward for the establishment of a Regional Disaster Management Mechanism consisting of the following

Vision Statement

To have enhanced security and protect development gains within the Golden Spear participating countries as a result of reduced risk and vulnerability.

Mission Statement

  • Strengthen regional capacity for disaster mitigation, preparedness, and response.
  • Reduce disasters and their impact through enhanced regional capacity and cooperation.
  • Boost disaster management capability for sustainable regional development.

Functions of the Mechanism

  • Develop disaster policy, institutional and legal framework templates for adoption by
    Participating States.
  • Provide standards for harmonization of legal, institutional and policy frameworks and practices for disaster management in the region.
  • Develop regional all-hazards mitigation and preparedness action plan models.
  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines for disaster management.
  • Establish a legal framework for free movement of goods and personnel for disaster relief.
  • Advocate for educational and public awareness on disaster management at the national and regional levels.
  • Develop collaborative relations with existing early warning information systems for disasters in the region. The goal should be to fill the gaps in the early warning system, rather than duplicate work that is already being done by other organizations.
  • Establish linkages that facilitate technical assistance and expert advice on disaster management within and outside the region.
  • Provide, coordinate and facilitate technical support and regional training on disaster
  • Integrate and develop strategies for sustainable environmental management and security.
  • Enhance and standardize the dissemination of information on disaster prevention and disaster response.
  • Serve as the regional information depository on disaster management.
  • Mobilize resources, nationally, regionally and internationally.
  • Conduct detailed risk assessments and disaster mapping.
  • Collect data on each country’s assets and what they can do with it with regard to disaster management