Regional Disaster Management,
Center for Excellence

The purpose of Regional Disaster Management Center of Excellence is to enhance Golden Spear Nations capacity and capabilities to prevent, prepare for, respond to and mitigate the impacts of man-made and natural disasters by promoting effective Regional disaster management activities through Education, training, research and information programs.
The need for regional cooperation commenced in the year 2000 bringing together eleven countries from the horn of Africa and Great Lakes Region, namely: The Republic of Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Djiboutti, The Arab Republic of Egypt, The Republic of Rwanda, The Republic of Sychelles, The State Republic of Eritrea, The Federal Republic of Ethiopia, Republic of Kenya, Republic of Uganda and The Republic of Tanzania. The initiative under golden spear which was sponsored By The United States government evolved over the period and settled on the establishment of a regional mechanism to attend to all disaster related matters.
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